Celebrities and Online Reputation Management

Businesses are not the only platform searching for success with reputation management. Celebrities have always had a hard time staying out of the limelight for any mishap that is to occur in their lives. They can receive criticisms for the slightest things, most of the time it doesn’t even involve any wrongdoing on their part. So establishing a successful way to monitor their reputations is a useful tool to them.

A celebrity’s image starts with how they made their way to fame and their previous lives before stardom. Having a past that is with or without flaws can create for criticisms on a somewhat equal basis. They either need to maintain a positive image or help remove on that was present in the past. Their brand is what makes them successful and the process starts with managing that based off of present conditions. Much like the most popular brands in the world, celebrities have to put out reputation that reflects the brand they have built. They are technically the main marketers for the product that fans love to see on stage or the big screen. Since these individuals are often very busy and immersed in their work, they often don’t have the time to successfully manage an image that is being portrayed to the internet market. This is where online reputation management companies and resources come into play.

Online reputation management companies employed by celebrities work a little differently than the ones you would find in the business aspect. There are a few aspects that have to be covered to maintaining a positive outlook upon the internet for their paying clients. Their job is to strategize, search for sourcing of materials, and monitor different areas where the celebrity’s name is being mentioned. Below we’ll dive into just exactly how each of those fields is taken care of.

Monitoring is the first key component to successful celebrity online reputation management. A researcher will take the time to view many sources of social media, chat rooms, blogging posts, and any other such source that can be found spread across the internet. This is the first step into locating problems or potential problems. They will monitor tones and inferences made by users and compare them to results they are looking for. By comparing this information they can find early signs of material that may not fit the scope or outlook they have for their individually represented celebrity.

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After the monitoring phase comes the sourcing phase. If information is being presented upon a global market that is the internet; anything that someone says about an individual can be tracked and sourced to who said it. Sourcing is important because it also sheds light upon an individual or group that may be producing false rumors or gossip. If the source is relatively unknown the firm won’t need to spend much time taking words from an untrained mouth. The problem arises when people create fake social media accounts or when a popular internet source prints false information for their wide-range of viewers to see. By having the tools necessary of locating a source can help keep that information silenced and taken care of in no time at all.

Third step involves strategic partnerships and how to handle certain situations. The firms that represent celebrities are sometimes faced with an ultimatum and have to address certain rumors in some ways. Some information is not necessarily avoidable, especially if it is true. The celebrity works directly with their firm to develop a way of answering a bringing question or addressing a rumor. Their partnership allows for the publicly spoken words of the celebrity to meet a standard without incriminating themselves online even further. Sometimes gossip information can boost a celebrity’s popularity status and become good press for them. These decisions on what to run with also are very strategically researched to prevent a slip up from occurring.

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